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Replacement windows have been our specialty since day one. Way back in 2008 Window Universe was founded on the idea that transparent pricing combined with top quality products and professional service was a combination customers were longing for.

Back then it was almost impossible to find out what your replacement window project would cost without sitting through a 3+ hour sales pitch that ended with high-pressure sales tactics that could drive you crazy. Unfortunately the industry hasn’t changed too much, but we’re still here to help.

White vinyl replacement windows in Richmond, VA with grids and transom windows.
Double hung windows with grids and transom windows above

As our company has expanded we’ve always remained focused on offering the best possible value. At the same time we’ve made the process of buying new windows as easy as possible.

I liked how there were so many options. I picked triple pane glass and a dark bronze exterior and the windows are really nice.

Geoff – Glen Allen, VA

What window models are available?

Today we offer a wide range of remodeling focused replacement windows to solve almost any problem. Here in Richmond, VA we currently carry 10 replacement window lines from 3 national manufacturers.

When you receive your itemized price list by email we also send info on window models, brochures, efficiency ratings, the ordering process and more.

Frame structure for popular replacement windows.
Frame structure of a double hung window

Every window option we offer is custom made and highly configurable. For example, we offer 240 combinations of interior and exterior colors, 174 energy efficiency packages, 9 frame options for replacement, pocket or full frame installs, and much more.

We have triple pane windows to make your home more energy efficient, laminated glass options to reduce sound transmission, simulated divided light grids for a classic look, slim frames to maximize light, upgraded hardware to stand the test of time, patio doors with interior mini-blinds and everything comes with industry leading warranties.

Best of all, since we’re not paying for sales commissions or huge marketing costs our prices can be more competitive for the quality products and service that you’re looking for.

We absolutely understand that the process of buying new windows for your home can feel challenging. That’s why we’re here to help. You don’t need to be a window expert. We won’t throw 1000 options at you and ask you to pick one. Remember, our process is designed to be as easy as possible.

A little one talking about replacement windows.
A cutie working at the home and garden show

What styles of windows are available?

Since everything we offer is custom made and we work with large national manufacturers there is almost no limit to the styles and sizes than can be produced. We can typically offer both smaller and larger windows than our competitors and we can offer complicated lower volume window designs, like a 5-lite casement in an single continuous main frame, that smaller more regional manufacturers can’t afford to produce.

We also have beautiful garden windows, bay and bow windows along with popular styles like single hung, double hung, sliding windows and custom shapes.

If you’ve seen a window at your friend or neighbor’s house take a picture and send it to your window expert. The terms can sometimes be tricky but a picture says 1000 words.

A bow window with casement operators, interior woodgrain and grids.
A 5-lite bow window with casement operators, woodgrain interior and matching grids

How energy efficient are these replacement windows?

The range of windows we offer can be as efficient as you want them to be. We know everyone isn’t a window expert and window ratings can get confusing quickly. What’s the actual difference between a 0.26 and a 0.28 U-Factor? We can help. Typically we’ll use windows that meet or exceed the Energy Star guidelines for this area and then we’ll offer a handful of upgrade packages from there.

Triple pane glass is a common option for replacement windows.
Triple pane glass with low-e glass and argon gas fill

We’ll show you the actual efficiency ratings for each option and explain what sort of benefit it will provide. Most of our customers end up picking the same 4 or 5 packages, because they represent a pretty good value for replacement windows in this climate. It’s important to remember that more extreme ratings aren’t always better.

For example, a window with an extremely low SHGC rating is great in the summer but worse in the winter. That might make sense in Phoenix, but not in Richmond, VA. There are over 100 choices and we’ll be happy to help you with as much, or as little, info as you’d like.

We do like to focus on the actual benefit that an efficiency package provides with real numbers so you know your ordering something that offers a real measurable benefit.

Emily was so helpful explaining the options and answering my questions. Thanks for all of your help.

Jackie and Bill – Richmond, VA

What colors are available for these replacement windows?

There is a very wide range of window color options available. You can pick from many popular window frame colors including popular options like black and bronze. There are also interior woodgrain options to compliment the interior of your home.

Color options do impact the cost of your project. We list the popular choices on our itemized price list so you can make an informed decision. Not all combinations of interior and exterior colors are available so it’s important to email your window expert about what you have in mind. They can help to make sure you pick out an option that is available and fits into the budget.

You can also pick a trim color that is different than the window color to compliment the look of your home. Best of all we can send out color sample packs so you can see the color options in real life.

How do I get more information?

You start by requesting a window quote by email. We ask you some basic questions about your project. We just need the basics like how many windows you’re thinking about replacing, how you’d like them to open, what color frames you have in mind, that sort of thing. This info can always be changed later. At this point we’re just looking for a starting point so don’t worry if you’re not sure about anything.

A garden window in a kitchen.
A garden window with white frame

Next, one of our window experts will email you a copy of our itemized window price list along with specific info about the products we recommend. They’ll include common upgrades, available colors and styles, efficiency ratings, all of the info you’d want about a replacement window project.

You can review that information and hit reply with any questions. If you’re unsure how to describe anything you can send over pictures. We can schedule a phone call or a Zoom call to make sure all questions are answered if that feels easier.

If you’d like to look at display windows you can swing by the local showroom. If you’d like to see color samples we can drop a set in the mail. We have this figured out.

What if I still have questions?

Remember, we do this every day. There’s no question you could possibly ask that we haven’t been asked 1000 times. You can’t stump us so feel free to ask away. The first step is to request the itemized window pricing.

Once you’re ready to place your order we send over the order forms online. You complete them and that locks in your spot in line. From there we have detailed processes for measuring, manufacturing, installing and servicing your windows. We’ve made every step of this process absolutely as easy as possible. The first step is to get a copy of our itemized window price list by email. Then you’ll receive an email with the information and you can hit reply with any questions. We’ve created the easiest way to order new windows.

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